Focused Progressive Leadership

The Sarah Community has developed, and continues to grow, from a foundation of leadership:  women and men committed to innovation, quality, financial strength and most importantly, compassionate care for residents and their needs.

Board of Directors
Sr. Judith Bell, FSM - President
Mary Ann Drake - Vice President
Sr. Rita Downey, DC - Secretary
Sr. Dawn Achs, SSND
Sr. Donna Collins, RSCJ
Dian Davitt
Ellis Hawkins - SSM DePaul President
Sr. Teresa George, DC
Sr. Linda Kremer, SSND
Michael James Rakey II
Paul Richard
Sr. Annie Stevens, SL
Barb Toulster
Other Meeting Participants
Bernard C. Huger - Ex-Officio Board Member
John W. O'Shaughnessy, CPA - Treasurer & Ex-Officio Board Member
Tyler Troutman, VPO
Jayne Lynch - SSM Dir. of Skilled Nursing Facilities
Joseph Girardi, CFO
Tracy Voyles - Executive Director
Richard Money - Regional Director
Charles White - VH Administrator
Lisa Anderson - AH/EH Administrator