Walking With Naomi is one of our spiritual programs.

Rev. Victoria (PCUSA) leads this series, which will retrace the footsteps that Jesus walked during his lifetime.  We will consider the history, geography, ancient and contemporary culture of the area, as well as what Jesus did or said there.  Residents who have visited these areas are invited to share their photos and stories. We will also reflect on how the related Biblical text applies to our lives.

This is about personal fitness and spiritual gain.  It is not a contest.  When we gather once a month to share our mileage with each other it is with joy and congratulations.  People who use motorized chairs or scooters are also welcome to join in the fun.  The idea is to get moving! Residents are free to walk alone or with others and track their mileage each day.  Each person chooses how to track their miles.  Some use a fitness tracker, smart phone, a pedometer (available for sale in the gift shop), or use a map of the building to do the math.

Even non- residents can participate by walking on their own and reading along with us each month.  During May and June we are focusing on Jesus’ birth and childhood.  Beginning at Bethlehem, we will proceed to Jerusalem.  If we walk enough miles “together”, we might reach Egypt and maybe even Nazareth!  You might want to use a study Bible with maps such as The Catholic Study Bible, 3rd edition or the Archaeological Study Bible: An Illustrated Walk Through Biblical History and Culture.  Our first discussions will be drawn from Luke 2:21, 22, 41 and Matthew 2:1, 13, 23.